For some reason my Spectrum (TimeWarner Cable) account was not closed 2 month ago. When I got an email that my bill was not paid I thought the final payment didn’t go through, so I paid it. When I received the bill this time I called Spectrum. The account was closed and I was told that I didn’t need to worry about this months bill and my previous bill will be refunded.

Update 10/23: I have received an updated bill from Spectrum with $0 ballance.

Birthday Invitation

I had called my grandmother on October 4th to ask if she can pick up my medicine from the pharmacy that is near her house. She said she will do that since she needs to go there anyway.  As we continued to chat she asked me to come on the 7th for grandfather’s birthday. I told her I need to think about it as there will be no one to take care of animals. She was very upset about it, so I had promise that I will find a way to get there. Unfortunately, I was not able to come on that day, but I promised that I will be there on the 27th. Susan is going to the concert on that day, she had promised to give me a ride as she will be passing San Diego on that day.

Update 10/23: I just found out that my sister is not going to be taking me to see my grandparents. I don’t even know why I am so surprised my sister almost never ceeps her promisis.

Sleeping Beauty

I had this horrible nightmare today. For some weird reason there was a glass coffin in the my house. There was a man in it, at some points in a dream there was a baby in there with him. In a dream I kept thinking it was our baby. Sometimes there was no one in a coffin.
The atmosphere in a dream was just very oppressing. There was something domineering about the man, but in a way he was nether dead nor alive. It’s nothing like in zombie movies. In the dream I know him, but he is no one I know in real life. The dream started out with my father dying. (My father has been dead for some time now.)
I was not scared in a dream.