For some reason my Spectrum (TimeWarner Cable) account was not closed 2 month ago. When I got an email that my bill was not paid I thought the final payment didn’t go through, so I paid it. When I received the bill this time I called Spectrum. The account was closed and I was told that I didn’t need to worry about this months bill and my previous bill will be refunded.


Back Pain

I have started doing my exercise routine again. It was really helping with my back pain. That is until I got overenthusiastic about it ending up hurting my back. I will have to take it easy until I get better. I will still be doing my exercise just not as long as before. I will wait for my back to heal and get stronger before adding any new exercises to my routine.

Update 9/26:  I woke up early today, did my stretches. I had felt a bit of a neck and shoulder tension during and after the stretches. There was a bit of discomfort in my back as well, but no pain. My neck and between the shoulders are still feeling a little tender.

Update 5:12pm – I had to put ice on my neck and shoulder after doing stretches for the second time today. They are simple stretches recommended by my doctor. Should I stretch only once a day until I feel better? Or should I keep things as are?

Update 9/27: My neck still feels tender and there is still a lot of discomfort while I do my exercise.

Update 9/28: I woke up with back and neck pain today, but feel better after exercising.