Suburban Life

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Back Pain

I have started doing my exercise routine again. It was really helping with my back pain. That is until I got overenthusiastic about it ending up hurting my back. I will have to take it easy until I get better. I will still be doing my exercise just not as long as before. I will wait for my back to heal and get stronger before adding any new exercises to my routine.

Update 9/26:  I woke up early today, did my stretches. I had felt a bit of a neck and shoulder tension during and after the stretches. There was a bit of discomfort in my back as well, but no pain. My neck and between the shoulders are still feeling a little tender.

Update 5:12pm – I had to put ice on my neck and shoulder after doing stretches for the second time today. They are simple stretches recommended by my doctor. Should I stretch only once a day until I feel better? Or should I keep things as are?

Update 9/27: My neck still feels tender and there is still a lot of discomfort while I do my exercise.

Update 9/28: I woke up with back and neck pain today, but feel better after exercising.

Looking For a Veterinarian Near Maricopa, Arizona

I have noticed today that Bear’s tooth is broken. It must have happened recently. Can someone please recommend a good veterinarian. I am also on a tight budget right now. Moving from California to Arizona was pricy.

iOS 11 Beta 5 stock on download

iOS 11 has been downloading since yesterday. It might be going on longer, but I only found out yesterday. Rebooting and connecting to charger didn’t solve the problem. Let’s see if going through iTunes will help.

Update 1:47 – According to iTunes my phone is up to date. I guess it’s a glitch.

Update August 17: It was not a glitch. Deleting the failed update in settings has fixed the problem.

Impressa Bladder Suppots Testing Day 1

It is very easy to insert. No different then a tampon. I was very much aware of it at first, I still am when I concentrate on it. It doesn’t bother me when I walk or climb stairs or over things like baby gate. There were bubbly filling for a while. I thought I was adjusting to it, but it turns out size 1 is not right for me. I will try size 2 tomorrow. 

Update June 30: The removal was very hard, it might be because I was clinching my muscles, I am still very sore. I will not be trying size 2 today. 

Calls suddenly not forwarding to my phone – going straight to Google Voicemail

I have had Google Voice for over 8 years and have never had an issue. Suddenly, calls are not being forwarded to my house phone. I did not get a new phone. I’ve had the same carrier the entire time I’ve used Google voice. My Google voice number is not blocked. I do not have do not disturb on. The number was verified years ago and has worked properly until just a few days ago. Everything goes straight to google voicemail. I didn’t touch anything on the app or the website – I never use either because I never have to!

Update 5:20 – I had called Spectrum. The tech guy said that there might be a problem with the modem. I will know for sure tomorrow.

Update June 30: The technician came today. He repaired the wiring and changed the channel the internet connection was on, as it was on the same channel as neighbors internet connection. The phone problem was an easy one. It was just not plugged into router. I could have easily fixed it myself if only I was more observant.