Calls suddenly not forwarding to my phone – going straight to Google Voicemail

I have had Google Voice for over 8 years and have never had an issue. Suddenly, calls are not being forwarded to my house phone. I did not get a new phone. I’ve had the same carrier the entire time I’ve used Google voice. My Google voice number is not blocked. I do not have do not disturb on. The number was verified years ago and has worked properly until just a few days ago. Everything goes straight to google voicemail. I didn’t touch anything on the app or the website – I never use either because I never have to!

Update 5:20 – I had called Spectrum. The tech guy said that there might be a problem with the modem. I will know for sure tomorrow.

Update June 30: The technician came today. He repaired the wiring and changed the channel the internet connection was on, as it was on the same channel as neighbors internet connection. The phone problem was an easy one. It was just not plugged into router. I could have easily fixed it myself if only I was more observant.